Almost a month back, the day after Buddha Purnima, four of us friends decided to go to a place near Semadoh which is a part of the Melghat Tiger Reserve in Amravati district to spend a night in a ‘Machan’ (a watchtower). Here’s the account of the fun we had – We left early in […]

Imagine a life without internet? I know you just cannot. Internet has become such an integral part of our lives that we just cannot part with it for even a couple of hours. If not through laptops/computers we are always connected to the internet through our phones. Whatsapp, this app, that app. We are always […]

The sixth season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) will be known more for the off-field controversies (spot fixing, a team owner’s …errr a team ‘enthusiast’s’ involvement in betting) rather than for the Gayle Storm or Pollard’s stunning catches or any other remarkable on-field event. If the spot-fixing controversy was not enough involvement of Chennai […]

Personally speaking, the emotion that the above image (which is in circulation across social media) evoked was of amusement rather than anger towards the Indian Premier League (IPL). The point that the content of the image makes is millions of litres of water is going to be wasted in maintaining the outfields of the cricket […]

First of all, a hearty congratulation to the Indian under-19 cricket team for winning the World Cup in Australia. Though I have been following the Indian team’s exploits in this tournament, mostly on the internet, I also managed to watch the highlights of some of the matches, especially the thrilling Q/F game against Pakistan. But […]

It has been a heady last few months since starting up a social media agency along with a couple of friends in a Tier – II city. The experience so far has been overwhelming with various challenges and finding ways to overcome them.  During this period we got to meet potential clients from MSMEs to […]

 The one-off T20 between India and England at Old Trafford will be remembered more for Nasser Hussain’s ‘donkey’ remark rather than for on-field events. I was watching the match when Hussain spoke the D word and I was kind of surprised. I knew straightaway that this will turn into a controversy though I would like […]